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Disclose hidden passwords in an intuitive way


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Oct 3rd, 2007

Losing the password for a specific application or file can be very exasperating, but there may be a quick solution to our problem.

Snadboys Revelation is a simple and free application for Windows which will allow you to reveal hidden (under asterisks) passwords, so you can recover your hidden passwords without the fear of losing information or files and without any risk to your computer.

Its detection system is very simple. You will only have to move the cross icon to where the asterisks are. When you palce the icon on it, you will see on the programs interface how the hidden text appears under the symbols.

If you´re looking for some method to recover your passwords, Snadboys Revelation may be what you´re looking for.
Reviewed by Daniel Rivas Translated by Isa Harberer

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Op. System
SnadBoy Software
Oct 3rd, 2007
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